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Campaign for Afghan Women’s Most Important Right: Education!

Campaign for Afghan Women’s Most Important Right: Education!

Zohal, a displaced Afghan woman is determined to help her fellow women and girls still in Afghanistan who have no access to education, because of a decree that prohibits girls over the age of twelve from continuing their education.

Her education in Afghanistan enabled her to be independent; she is now working as a health care provider, and is able to give back to her society.  Zohal is undertaking a letter-writing campaign asking the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, to intervene and ask the government of Afghanistan to rescind the order, so that girls and women in Afghanistan can continue to go to school, learn, develop, and contribute to their country’s future. Zohal is forwarding a moving plea to the Secretary-General from Freshta, a young girl in Afghanistan.

Her letter appears below. If you are in sympathy with the appeal of this girl and so many others like her in their sincere desire for education, please endorse the letter with the name of your organization; if you are an unaffiliated individual, please give your name and address. Kindly respond to: afghanwomeneducation@gmail.com


H.E. Antonio Guterres
Secretary General, United Nations
760 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017

To A World That Should Be Concerned

Your Excellency:

You are receiving this email from an Afghan school girl who for more than half a year has been forbidden to attend school because of a new policy decision by her government.

Through the last 20 years of war, insecurity, economic problems and social challenges, we Afghan girls have continued to study and learn with determination. Our schools and many of our teachers have supported us in every way, and their efforts and ours have been enough to keep that spark of hope in our hearts that one day we could build a great future for our country and ourselves. The pandemic and the regime change in Afghanistan have combined to shrink this hope – by shrinking access to education for our youth, including for all girls over the age of 12. It’s a decision that will certainly limit our aspirations and lead the country into further chaos.

We ask the United Nations to act immediately on this issue, using all legal ways to persuade the government of Afghanistan to open schools for girls and preserve their basic human right to education and their dreams of a beautiful future.

With respect and high hope,



The letters to the Secretary-General, together with a form for endorsement by both individuals and organizations can be accessed at https://forms.gle/xYy3jdr7ivLb4VZq9.

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