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Calendar of Activities


The following article shows the latest schedule of activities for the Global Campaign for Decent Work and Rights for Domestic Workers.





10 December 2010 International Human Rights Day
18 December 2010 International Migrants’ Day
8 March 2011 International Women’s Day
1 May 2011 International Labour Day


25-27 August 2010











20 September 2010













2-5 October 2010


















7-9 October 2010













10-12 October 2010










1-3 November 2010





2-5 November 2010



Rapid Response Mechanism Workshop, Manila, Philippines
Astoria Plaza, Pasig City, PhilippinesThe training is part of Migrant Forum in Asia’s (MFA) capacity building efforts for its members and partners in West Asia and seeks to provide a venue for sharing and learning from existing response mechanisms that are being used to address situations of migrants in distress. The training brought together migrants rights advocates and migrant support groups for another linking and learning experience to ultimately create a wider network of support for migrant workers in Asia. One of the agenda items of the training was a strategy session on the Brown Report and planning for the next steps.See Report Here


Labor Migration and Domestic Workers in ASEAN: The Challenges of Regional Consolidation towards International Standards
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The workshop is part of the overall program of SEACA’s “Regional Strategy Meeting on Emerging Social and Cultural Concerns in ASEAN: Climate Change, South East Asian Peoples’ Right to Information, Labor Migration and Domestic Work and Platforms for Civil Society Engagement with the ASEAN” to be held on 19-20 September.

The workshop aims to present the picture of domestic workers within and outside the region and strategize how ASEAN countries can work towards ratifying the ILO Convention on Domestic Work. It will explore how the current process of drafting an ASEAN Framework Instrument is going, and how this can contribute to or in fact be impacted by the proposed ILO Convention on Domestic Work. The workshop also seeks to come up with an ASEAN strategy to drive the campaign forward and works toward the ratification of the Convention

See Report Here.

Asia-Europe People’s Forum 8 (AEPF8)
Brussels, Belgium


The Asia Europe People’s Forum (AEPF) began in 1996 in Bangkok, in parallel, and in response to the first ASEM summit which pushed for stronger regional blocs and the promotion of corporate power. AEPF is grounded in the common desire of people’s organizations and social justice networks across Asia and Europe to open up new venues for dialogue, solidarity and action.


ASEM8 has been seen as a unique opportunity for citizens of Asia and Europe to assess the impact of current policies and to demand change.

This year’s AEPF is focused on four themes: 1) Trade/investment and FTAs; 2) Decent work, decent living (social protection); 3) Food sovereignty and 4) Climate change.

As a build up to the 2011 International Labour Conference, MFA together with the Transnational Institute (TNI),  German Commission for Justice and Peace and 11-11-11 will be organizing a workshop on domestic work to discuss updates about the campaign on the ILO Convention on Domestic Work and to serve as a cross-regional mobilization process with
the direct objective of feeding into the ASEM8  as well as targeting  the EU agenda with regard to the Convention

See Report Here.


Post ILC Regional Conference on Domestic Work
Jakarta, Indonesia

The Conference is an offshoot of the East Asia Conference held in December 2009 in Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China. The conference will discuss on the strategy towards the adoption of an ILO Convention on Domestic Work. It will involve reviewing the draft instrument (published in mid-August 2010 as the ILO Third Report or the Brown Report) and discuss the critical issues and develop joint positions and concrete action plan.

The Conference will bring together trade union centres, domestic workers groups and unions and stake holders to develop and adopt a concrete plan, with strategies and actions to campaign for the adoption of a convention on domestic workers at the ILC 2011.

The organizing of the Conference is being led by Global Net Asia (GNA) and the International Domestic Work Network (IDWN). MFA and ADWA serve as co-anchors.

See Report Here.


World Social Forum on Migration (WSFM)
Quito, Ecuador

The World Social Forum on Migrations (WSFM) is an event that falls in line with the World Social Forums, which is a space for democratic debate of ideas, reflection, formulation of proposals, exchange of experiences and articulation of social movements , networks, NGOs and other civil society organizations that are opposed to neoliberal globalization and the restriction of granting citizenship and civil rights, political, economic, social and cultural rights of migrants, displaced, refugees and stateless persons.

See Report Here.


World Solidarity Movement (WSM) Labour Rights Workshop
Yogjakarta, Indonesia

The event is internal to WSM partners in Asia. MFA is invited to share its campaign on the ILO Convention on Domestic Work.

See Report Here.

People’s Global Action (PGA) on Migration, Development and Human Rights
Mexico City

The 4th Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD). The 4th GFMD will held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in November 2010. The theme for this year’s GFMD is : “Partnerships for Migration and Development – shared prosperity, shared responsibility”.

In line with continuing its engagement with the GFMD 2010 MFA together with Migrants Rights International (MRI), the International Working Group (IWG) and local organizations in Mexico are organizing the PGA on 2-5 November in Mexico City, Mexico. The PGA is an alternative model for CSOs to dialogue and tackle issues on migration and development not discussed by the official GFMD process. The PGA seeks to foster more ample, inclusive, transparent and autonomous forms of participation from key sectors of Civil Society. The PGA also aims to enhance the participation of migrant and migrant-supporting organizations, unions, academics, development NGOs and networks.

As of the events within the PGA, MFA and ADWA together with other organizations will be organizing the 5th International Workshop on Domestic Work which began in 2006 in New York during the UN High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development (UN HLD).

See Report Here.


Migrants’ Campaign Month (MCM)
25 November-18 December

As part of its Rights and Roots campaign, MFA annually undertakes the Migrants Campaign Month (MCM) which begins on 25 November and culminates on 18 December.  This was first decided upon in the MFA 2000 Plan of Action and has been followed through every year with the Secretariat, coordinating the exchange of information and participation.

During the MCM, important days are celebrated: 16 Days of Activism to Combat Violence Against Women (25 Nov – 10 Dec), International AIDS Day (1 Dec), International Day for the Abolition of Slavery (2 Dec), International Human Rights Day (10 Dec) and International Migrants Day (IMD) (18 Dec).

Various programs and activities are being organized to celebrate gains as well as to continue the struggle of migrant workers and advocates in promoting the rights and well being of migrant workers.  Awareness raising activities such as forums, press conferences, rallies, dialogues and lobbying with governments are organized among migrants themselves and the general public as well.

These activities are also organized to highlight the call for the universal ratification of the UN 1990 Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families (MWC), and the ILO Conventions 97 and 143 which focus on the labor rights of migrant workers.

This year, MCM will again highlight the DW campaign as it did last year.


SAPA General Forum
February 2011, Bangladesh

The Solidarity for Asian People Advocacies or SAPA is an open platform for consultation, cooperation and coordination between Asian social movements and civil society organizations including NGOs, people organizations and trade unions who are engaged in action, advocacy and lobbying at the level of intergovernmental processes and organizations. It was  born out of common concerns about how to enhance the effectiveness and impact of civil society advocacy by improving communication, cooperation and coordination among non-governmental organisations (NGOs) operating regionally, in the face of rapidly increasing and multiplying inter-governmental processes and meetings in Asia.

Within SAPA are different working groups (WG) dealing with thematic issues – ASEAN, UN Human Rights Mechanisms and Migration and Labour.

MFA and ADWA will push to highlight the campaign and seek the support from all participating organizations.

See Report Here.


Pre-2011 ILC Regional Conference and Strategy Meeting
April 2011
Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China (TBC)

MFA and ADWA will spearhead the organizing of the Conference to prepare the Asian delegation to the ILC and further strategize on the campaign. The goal of the Conference is to go beyond the 2011 ILC.

See Report Here.


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MFA is a regional network of non-government organizations (NGOs), associations and trade unions of migrant workers, and individual advocates in Asia who are committed to protect and promote the rights and welfare of migrant workers.

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