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Indonesia Migrants Human Rights Training Program Module 4

Migrant Forum in Asia (MFA) in collaboration with the Diplomacy Training Program (DTP) of the University of South Wales (UNSW) and the Serikat Buruh Migran Indonesia (SBMI) organized the 4th module of the Indonesia National Training Program on the Human Rights of Migrants held from 8-11 March 2019, in Jakarta, Indonesia. This program has five (5) modules spread out from June 2018 to May 2019 and aims to support advocates working for the millions of Indonesians who are migrant workers in countries such Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and across the Middle-East. It also aspires to build alliances and network between and among local and international advocates working on migration and human rights. Participants in the training program include migrants organizations, returnee migrant workers, trade unions and women’s organizations.

The 4th module focused on the following topics:
1. UN Human Rights Mechanisms, specifically the special procedures;
2. Documentation for evidenced based advocacy using the MFA Hamsa Migrants Rights Violations Reporting System;
3. Role of missions and labour attaches in protecting migrants
4. Introduction to ILO Systems
5. Updates on Global Processes specifically the Global Compact on Migration
6. The role of National Human Rights Institutions in the promoting the rights of migrants

Ellene Sana from MFA discussed the roles and responsibilities of missions / embassies and labour attaches in the protecting migrant workers. She emphasized on the duty of governments to protect its national abroad and how missions should be centres of care for migrant workers. She also discussed the challenges faced by missions including the lack of resources to assist migrant workers in distress.

Alexis Bautista from MFA presented in the topic of documentation for evidenced based advocacy. The presentation focused on the MFA Hamsa, Migrants Rights Violations Reporting System (MRVRS), an online documentation system used by the MFA network to document cases of abuse faced by migrants.

Sinthia Dewi Harkrisnowo, Coordinator of Safe and Fair Program from ILO Indonesia provided an Introduction to the ILO Core Labour Standards and Conventions on migration. She discussed how migrants’ rights advocates can engage the ILO system in protecting and promoting the rights of migrant workers.

Rafendi Dyamin of the Human Rights Working Group Indonesia discussed the UN Human Rights Mechanisms in particular, the office of the special procedures, the special rapporteur on the human rights of migrant workers. He discussed how migrants groups can engage with the office of the special rapporteur from submitting reports of specific cases to submitting information for the reports prepared by the SR’s office.

William Gois of the Migrant Forum in Asia discussed updates on the Global Compact for Migration, updates on regional processes as well as good practices from other countries that migrants rights groups from Indonesia can propose to the government. He discussed the practice of post arrival orientation programs that the Philippine Government is currently implementing in a number of countries particularly for migrant domestic workers. He also discussed the mechanism implemented by the Indian Government, the MADAD system, an online complaints mechanism where migrants and families can report abuses faced by migrants.

The program ended with a planning sessions where participants discussed possible topics for discussion in the last module as well as possible advocacy work in between modules.

For more information please contact William Gois of the MFA Secretariat at: mfa@mfasia.org

Please find below photos from the program:

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