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10-member Telangana Gulf JAC delegation depart for Delhi to seek repeal of wage-reduction circulars

Karimnagar, March 6: A ten-member delegation of the Telangana Gulf Workers Joint Action Committee (Gulf JAC) boarded a train to Delhi on Saturday to seek the repeal of circulars issued by the central government suggesting reduction of minimum referral wages (MRW) to Indian workers in six countries in the Middle-East by 50%.

Speaking to media persons hours before boarding the train, Gulf JAC convener Guggilla Ravi Goud declared that the JAC was forced to travel to Delhi in order to protest their demands due to the Centre’s apathy despite numerous appeals made over the past six months requesting the repeal of the circulars reducing the minimum referral wages for Gulf workers.

“We will submit petitions to all the MPs convening in the national capital for the Parliament session which begins on March 8 and impress upon them the need to repeal the circulars on wage-reduction to Gulf workers,” he explained.

Gulf JAC state leader Swadesh Parkipandla added that the delegation would impress upon the legislators that the wage-reduction circulars would gradually reduce the income of the 88 lakh Indian workers and employees living in the Gulf countries in the near future.

“The unilateral issuance of circulars reducing the monthly salary to USD 200 (Rs 15,000) for workers in all professions combined would push the migrant workers further into poverty.

The circulars should be repealed and the government must as request the Gulf countries to restore the earlier wages,” he demanded.

Gulf JAC Qatar-wing spokesperson Thota Dharmender informed that the governments of Oman, the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar did not make any move to reduce the minimum wages.

“It appears that the Indian government has succumbed to pressure from recruiting agencies and foreign employers.

The Qatar government has legislated to provide a minimum wage of 1,000 riyals for workers of all nationalities with free food and accommodation.

Surprisingly, the government of India is ready to send its workers for only 728 riyals (USD 200),” he lamented.

The delegation also comprised Mengu Anil, Pandi Ranjith, Ponnam Rajasekhar, Baddam Vinay, Dasari Mallikarjun, Gannaram Prashanth and Patkuri Basanth Reddy.

You may read the full article here: https://aakerunews.com/10-member-telangana-gulf-jac-delegation-depart-for-delhi-to-seek-repeal-of-wage-reduction-circulars/?fbclid=IwAR0c_HVSzJgQkYcXMl99qLHV1MyG6fWR-t-DAEJ5JdPJrIRVtCFCoA_zBR8

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