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On-Site Support Systems for Sri Lankan Migrant Workers, 2016

Sri Lanka maintains on-site services for its migrant workers abroad primarily through the Ministry of Foreign Employment and its embassies in popular destination countries. The services are enhanced because of its self-financed migrant welfare fund. The 24-hour service is managed directly by the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment. Some noted gaps in the services include: a lack of comprehensive documentation for service procedures, lack of coordination with host authorities...

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On-site Support Systems for Overseas Filipino Workers, 2016

  The Philippines has employed a One-Country Team Approach policy to promptly and efficiently respond to the welfare of OFWs as provided by RA 8042 and enunciated by Executive Order No.74 and RA 10022 . The policy expects all government officials from different departments must act as one team under the leadership of the head of the Post . The four main ministries involved are Department of Labor and Employment-...

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On-Site Support Systems for Nepalese Migrant Workers Abroad, 2016

  The Ministry of Labour and Employment is the apex body that governs labour administration and management including foreign employment. The unit that looks into foreign employment is the Department of Foreign Employment (DOFE). Meanwhile, the Foreign Employment Promotion Board which is chaired by the Minister of Labour & Employment, implements promotional activities for foreign employment and to ensure the social protection and welfare of migrant workers. Support services provided...

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On-site Support Systems for Indonesian Migrant Workers, 2016

Migrant Forum in Asia in collaboration with partners from Indonesia and Singapore developed an infograhic on support systems for Indonesian Migrant Workers. The key government institutions responsible for labour migration in Indonesia are the Manpower and Transmigation Ministry (MOM), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), and a specialized national body, BNP2TKI. The MoFA is responsible for Indonesian citizens abroad, primarily implemented through embassies and consulates in destination countries. Policies and...

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On Site Support System for Indian Migrant Workers Abroad 2016

Migrant Forum in Asia in collaboration with partners from India developed an infographic to highlight the available support systems for Indian migrant workers in key countries of destination. India has made significant steps in the last few years to protect its migrant workers abroad. These improvements include additional embassy services, an online grievance system called "MADAD", Indian Workers Resource Center, and MigCall in GCC. Although these are important steps towards...

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Support Systems for Bangladeshi Migrant Workers Abroad 2017

Bangladesh's support mechanisms for migrant workers abroad are fairly limited, with a lack of information on, and resources to support labour attaches in countries of destination. Consultate services are primarily offered in Saudi Arabia, with a Consulate Open House available in Lebanon. Although an online grievance system was implemented, issues may arise with workers using the system, as many workers may not have the means to use the internet. Hotline...

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